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  • What are the best Bridal Robes for 2021?

    Bridal robes can be a great addition to any wedding. Whether it's for convenience in the morning of the wedding, a gift for the bridal party or a fun addition to a hen party. There are lots of fabulous options that we have compiled here for you to have a look through!
  • The best Wedding Lingerie to wear on your Wedding Day

    Let's be honest, the underwear you wear on your wedding day is important, not just for sex appeal (although also important!) but because nobody wants a thong riding up their butt during the day because when is there a good time to pull out a wedgie on your wedding day? Am I right?
  • How to have a Covid Wedding

    If you've had a wedding planned in the past 18 months you'll know the pain and heartache of pushing your big day back time and time again - but, no more. 
    Luckily as of 21st June 2021 there are further eases allowing everyone to be one step closer to their dream wedding. It can be disappointing for weddings to not live up to expectations you may have set in your mind but weddings during this time can be intimate and personal creating a private moment for both couples.
  • Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

    Weddings are officially back ON... which means, the planning must recommence.

    But, since weddings have been postponed for so long - what are the new fashion trends for brides? Don't worry, designers have still been hard at work to bring you beautiful, fresh designs and we've seen some gorgeous pieces coming from Bridal Designers.  

  • Why are wedding garters worn?

    It's time to tick off a few of those last minute wedding errands and you realise you've forgotten to get your wedding garter - but do you really need one? Do brides even still wear them?
    Many brides find themselves debating whether to have a garter on their big day and what the relevance may be but we're going to dive in to the history and traditions behind the wedding garter to uncover the value within them and their place in your wedding day. 
  • How to choose a Wedding Garter

    How do I choose the right garter?
    Generally, there is no right or wrong way to choose your wedding garter - if there's one that you absolutely LOVE then that's the one for you. There is, however, a few tips to choosing one that's right for the big day!