Best of Bridal Fashion Week; Wedding Trends for 2022

Bridal Fashion Week is the holy grail when it comes to keeping an eye on new wedding trends - we can watch all of the biggest names in bridal take centre stage with their showstopping wedding outfits. 
From Oscar de la Renta to Mira Zwillinger, we've compiled all of the trends that we can see emerging from this years' Bridal Fashion Week to give you inspiration for your wedding look.
2020 saw a massive shift in how we approach our nuptuals and these designers didn't miss a beat when it came to designing for the new, post-covid Bride. Whether you're the Bride who wants to make up for lost time with beautiful, dramatic gowns or the Bride who wants to tie the knot in a minimal, chic design - there is something to suit you in 2022.

Tailored to perfection

With the rise of micro-weddings, quick elopements and laid-back brides; the tailored bridal look is the epitomy of chic. 

My Big Bridgerton Wedding

I'm not sure anyone survived 2021 without watching the steamy Bridgerton and oogling Rege Jean-Page as Simon Bassett so it's no wonder we're seeing Bridgerton trends trickling into Bridal Gowns so we can all live out our Lady Bridgerton dreams.

Warm-Heart, Cold-Shoulder

We've seen a lot of off-the-shoulder bridal looks over the last couple of years and it looks as though it's here to stay and we are A-OK with it. There's something so elegant about a lady's décolletage and it's about time we showed it off. 

Ruffled & Ready

It was difficult to find a designer this season who wasn't jumping on the ruffle trend - using layers and layers of chiffons, silks & laces to create amazing volume and texture. A definite one to keep any eye on in 2022 as we see more emerging designers using this trend in their designs. 

Be there or be Square Necklines

I just love this semi hint of a corset neckline but not all the way and it looks like designers are loving it too. The square neckline sits so beautiful and really frames the bride's chest in such a flattering way. Make sure you give this neckline a try on your next visit to the bridal boutique! 

Big Romance, Mini Dress

Oh nothing has taken over the 2021/2022 wedding trend scene like the mini dress. From the likes of Gwen Stefani and Lily Allen to the cool girls of Paris, the mini wedding dress just screams chic. The perfect opportunity to flaunt your pins or buy that pair of killer shoes to match. If ever there was a time to wear a short wedding dress- it's right now.

Sky-high-thigh slits

Obsessed. Just obsessed. Another opportunity to show off your killer pins and add some sex-appeal into your wedding dress. I love it. 

From AM to PM

Transitional pieces that take you from your ceremony to your party are taking over on the catwalks. Instead of being committed to one look for the whole day, these designers are making it easy for you to mix-up your bridal look and re-imagine your dress for different parts of the day - think capes, added sleeves, boleros, toppers - you name it, the designers have done it! 

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking

...and yet. It really is groundbreaking. Let's face it, florals in bridal aren't going anywhere - they're the epitome of elegance and adding femininity and we, as consumers, adore them on our dresses. So it really is groundbreaking that designers can take the simple flower and recreate it time and time again. This season we're seeing oversized floral motifs and 3d Floral embellishments, taking the simple flower to new, bold heights. 

White is so 2021

We're creative people, we have big bright personalities and it's time that our wedding dresses reflect this. Gone are the days of being forced into a white wedding dress (let's be honest it's unlikely we're still 'pure' at this point anyway) & let's showcase our personality in a BIG way. Let's go black dresses (think Christine Quinn) and colourful embroideries and dress the way YOU want for your big day.

From left; costarellos, Monique Lhullier, Narces, Kelly Faetanini, Calire Pettibone

Shake ya Tail-feathers

I'm saving the best for last. I LOVE this trend, I love feathers, I love their whimsical effect, I love that they make a dress seem as if it's floating - I do not love them being plucked from Ostriches. I've done some digging on this as I felt conflicted with the use of feathers in design (last year I designed a feather veil and handstitched thousands of artificial feathers so as not to use ostrich feathers and I'm SURE there's a better solution out there!). I digress.. there IS an ethical solution to plucking feathers but it really does depend on the farm and the supplier you get your feathers with. 

PETA did a study on this in 2015 and found that industrialized farms (the one's needed to produce the amount of feathers the fashion industry needs) were in no means ethical - slaughtering ostriches for their feathers and their meat. HOWEVER, some smaller farms like The Jonkers' in South Africa reassure this trend by claiming; 
“We cut [ostrich feathers] like you cut your nails,” Saag Jonker, a South African ostrich farmer, explains in the Fashionista report. “When they reach a certain stage of being ripe then it’s like a fruit when it ripens then after a certain time and then it falls off the trees.” 
So moral of the story, before you jump on the feather trend this season - try and ask about where they're fabrics are supplied from. Happy Ostrich, Happy Bride. 
Phew. What a round-up? 
If you're just here to get the headlines; here's our top bridal trends for 2022;
1) Tailored to Perfection
2) My Big Bridgerton Wedding
3) Warm-Heart, Cold-shoulder 
4) Ruffled & Ready
5) Be there or be square necklines
6) Big Romance, Mini Dress
7) Sky-high-thigh slits
8) From AM to PM transitional pieces
9) Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking
10) White is so 2021
11) Shake ya Tail-feathers
Well done if you made it this far. I didn't mean to include so many trends but the designers outdid themselves this Bridal Fashion Week and I just needed to share them with you all. 
Which trend is your favourite? I'd love to know in the comments!
Hope you've enjoyed the round-up
Han xx 

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