How to choose a Wedding Garter

Wedding planning is stressful, huh?
The dress, the guests, the flowers, the music, the bridesmaid's outfits, your mum's outfit, the hair, the make-up... the list goes on! Decisions can be exhausting so I'm here to make this one pain-free...

Why do you need a Wedding Garter?

A wedding garter is a tradition that materialised hundreds of years ago (I'll write another blog post on it's history)... but the essence is that a garter is a piece of clothing or ribbon wrapped around the top of the stocking that brings good luck, fortune & fertility into a marriage. 

Now, folklore aside, the bridal garter can add a really sexy touch to your wedding lingerie and it makes a lovely keepsake of your day - plus, when else can you wear a bridal garter?

How do I choose the right garter?

Generally, there is no right or wrong way to choose your wedding garter - if there's one that you absolutely LOVE then that's the one for you. There is, however, a few tips to choosing one that's right for the big day! 

1) Do you have your dress yet? Does your dress have a big skirt or is it form-fitting?

By default, if you have a dress with a big skirt, you'll have pick of the bunch for your Wedding Garter - just choose the one that suits your style the most! For the dresses that are more figure-hugging, our flat garters will be a better choice so that you don't see any beads through the fabric - luckily there's plenty of gorgeous choices, have a look at our Calantha or Thistle Garter.

Alternatively, there's been a huge rise of dresses with thigh splits down the front - be like our Hayze Bride, Ruth (pictured above!) and wear your garter with the beads just poking out the top! She says;

"I eventually settled on the Zinnia as I thought it would go perfectly with my dress, which had two little pearl details at the shoulders and a side split, so the hanging pearls on the garter could peak out. It really was the perfect final touch for my outfit and made me feel that extra bit special & sexy. Everyone who saw it throughout the party (because I kept hiking my dress up to show it off!) was absolutely obsessed!"

2) Have you got your Something-Blue yet? 

A really handy way of squeezing in your Something Blue with your Something New is to combine it with your bridal garter. Plus, we've even had Brides request something of a loved ones' to be sewn into their garter, ticking off Something Old, Something New & Something Blue! 3 Birds, 1 stone! 

3) What size will you need?  

We've taken the stress out of choosing the size of your garter by making ours entirely adjustable. We use sliders and clasps (like a bra strap) to make sure that the garter will stay in place and keep comfortable all day! There is nothing worse than a garter that slips down or rubs! If you're more comfortable having a garter made especially to your size, get in touch at and we can customize that for you too! 

4) Buying for a friend?

My biggest tip here is to buy one that reminds you of your friend. Each Hayze bridal garter comes with its own personality - glam, delicate, boho, modern, traditional... choose one that suits your friends style! If they haven't got their dress yet and the one you chose isn't suitable we can exchange it for you for one that works better! Even if it's personalised!

Fortunately for you, Wedding Garters no longer have to be dated, frilly or uncomfortable & there are hundreds to choose from! Have a shop around and find one that you love and that suits your personal style and if you have any more questions on choosing the right one, leave us a comment! Which style do you like best?


Han x 


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