Tori & Chris' Love Story

Okay, I am obsessed with these Love Stories - I keep getting goosebumps just reading them! I just love love. 

Continuing celebrating your love stories with Tori & Chris today who were just a couple of months away from their wedding in March when Corona had other ideas...

"May 29th 2020 was supposed to be our perfect day, the day I had dreamt about since I was a little girl... sadly, Covid-19 had other ideas. 

Rewind back to June 2012. We met while I was working at Nirvana Spa - one day, around the corner walked in Christopher, my now fiance. 

He used to come and ask me for drinks all the time just so that he could talk to me - getting us in trouble flirting when we should have been working! It still makes me smile thinking about it now and how young we were.

Since then, we have had a rollercoaster 8 years together, from buying our first home together to being each others' support crutch when we have lost loved ones. We've challenged the good and the bad times together and I couldn't have asked for anyone better beside me. 

Over the 8 years, we have been so lucky to travel to some amazing destinations together, but in September 2018, our trip to the Dominican Republic became my favourite holiday forever. 

On one of the evenings, Chris had booked us a private Cabana Dinner and as we arrived there were flower petals everywhere - just the most amazing setting. 

He rushed me in and before I could even get a drink he was off to the toilet. He came back and started putting his hands down his shorts, mortified and only half-joking, I quickly said, 

"You best not whip is out in the restaurant Christopher!"

He fell to one knee and said nothing as the tears welled up in his eyes. We were both so emotional that I don't even remember saying Yes! He even scored extra brownie points by organising a professional photographer to capture the special moment (Thank God I said Yes!)

Before we had even left the holiday we had written our guest list, chosen loads of the smaller details and I quickly booked into a wedding fair for the day after we landed home - we were just so excited! People say I'm mad but we were so keen to get the special day organised! One week after landin we had the venue booked in and we were so ready to become Mr & Mrs Howe! Oh how wrong we were!

March 2020, I went away with all of my favourites on my hen weekend, back when Covid-19 was only just making headlines - it felt distant and nothing too major! 2 weeks later the entire country is in lockdown and the wedding is cancelled - we were devastated! 

Christopher went above and beyond to make sure May 29th was still so special for me, he had my wedding flowers recreated as a gift for me and even had a local restaurant make what would have been our wedding food - He truly is the best! We received so many cards & gifts from friends & family and the day was still so special! 

Love really is a funny thing because it's true, when you know, you really do just know. He is my everything and I would never change us for the world. However hard 2020 has been, and after 2 cancelled weddings, I know we will have our special day soon! (Hopefully May 2021)"

Guys... how special was their would-be wedding day! What a kind, thoughtful & caring couple and they'll get thei big day soon enough! I'm keeping everything crossed for May 2021 for you two!