How to make your own Wedding Garter!

Hi Lovely Brides!!

I’m really excited to have teamed up with Festival Brides to bring you our brand new Meadow Garter, inspired by all of you free-spirited, bohemian Brides and she is definitely my new favourite! Gone are the days of frilly, dated wedding garters and in flies the expressive, exciting and sexy finishing detail to your wedding outfit!

To celebrate the launch of our new Meadow Garter, I’ve created a little step-by-step guide of how you can create your own wedding garter at home! If you consider yourself a dab-hand at sewing and have a sewing machine, then making your own bridal garter can be a really special keepsake of your big day. And if not, scroll to the bottom of this post where you can find an exclusive Festival Brides discount code off of our Full Collection!

I’ll run through all the steps of making your bridal garter using our Meadow Garter as a guideline, but if you head to a haberdashery you can follow this guide with any trim you like! I’ve even put together a DIY Meadow Garter Kit for you so that you can sew your own at home!

First things first, you’ll need

  • Sewing Machine, and a basic understanding of sewing.
  • Your chosen trim
  • 12mm Bra Strap Elastic (colour matched to the trim)
  • Satin Ribbon 18mm-20mm (colour matched to the trim)
  • Universal Thread to match
  • Hand-sewing Needle & Pins
  • Safety Pin
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors

Before we start, we’re going to take your thigh measurement to work out what the length of the trim, ribbon and elastic is to cut.

To do this, wrap a tape measure around your thigh, around 20-25cm above the knee and where it feels comfortable for a garter to sit. With this measurement, add 10cm to it for the length of the trim and the ribbon and subtract 15cm from it for the length of the elastic.

For example; if my thigh circumference was 55cm, my trim and ribbon would be cut to 65cm and my elastic would be cut to 40cm.

Top Tip: Make sure you check the elasticity of your elastic as some are stretchier than others! I use a generic bra strap elastic as I know that has a good stretch and is comfortable for lingerie. If you’re unsure, wrap the elastic around your thigh, stretching it a little as you go, cut the length when it fits comfortably on you.

Now, the method;

  1. First, with the trim laying face down on your table, line-up the ribbon across the top edge of the trim with the shiny side facing you. From here we’re going to pin the ribbon at regular intervals all the way along.

Top Tip: I pin vertically as this will make it easier to sew on the machine!

2. Set up your sewing machine with the thread and bobbin in the same colour as your chosen trim. We’re going to use a straight stitch, length 2.5. This bit takes a steady eye and a little concentration but we’re going to sew as close to the top edge of the ribbon as possible.

Top Tip: For sewing in a straight line, let the machine do most of the work for you! Too much guiding will make it go off-track but trust the machine to feed it through.

3. Once you’ve finished sewing the top edge we’re going to repeat this for the bottom edge of the ribbon too. Again, sewing as close to the edge as possible. We’ll need to thread our elastic through the tunnel!

4. From here, take the elastic and attach the safety pin to one end. We’re going to thread the elastic all the way through the tunnel we’ve just made. The safety pin on one end makes this easier to poke through!

Top Tip: Keep an eye on the other end of the elastic and when it’s near the end pop a pin in it.

5. Thread the safety pin until it’s out of the other side and pop a pin in it that side too. Make sure the trim is evenly distributed along the elastic.

6. Now it’s time to sew both sides of the garter together. We’re going to use a french seam as this is a neater and stronger seam. Start by taking the inside of the garter together so that the shiny side of the ribbon is facing each other.

7. Pop a pin in it and we’re going to sew ¼” all the way down the edge.

8. Trim the edge here

9. After this, turn the garter back through and this time pin the right sides together, so that the shiny side of the ribbon is facing you.

10. Straight stitch again, this time around ½” from the edge, capturing the seam inside. Neaten all the seams and loose threads and voila! Here’s your homemade bridal garter made to your measurements!

And don’t worry! If you’re not sure about making your own at home, all of our wedding garters on our website are fully adjustable so that you can make sure you’ve got the perfect fit for your wedding day! PLUS all of you lovely Festival Brides can take advantage of the code Festival10 to get 10% off of our entire site!

Any questions please feel free to email me on: and here’s the link to the DIY Meadow Garter Kit so that you can make your own at home!

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