Izzy's Love Story

Sat outside in a beer garden enjoying the London sunshine after a very LONG day at work, I had been practically dragged to the bar by my best friend Angela. That morning on my tube journey I had managed to miss a step, fall, and tear a huge hole in the backside of my dress - not exactly a great look! She persuaded me that I could just sit down all night, and she would do the drink runs, which seemed like a good deal to me!
Izzy & Brett on a dateI suddenly remember hearing a loud and distinctive Kiwi accent near me, and as I looked around to find who it was I was pretty much transfixed the moment I saw Brett. My wonderfully unsubtle friend then decided to approach him and tell him my exact thoughts, while I remained sat down, unable to move, but most definitely cringing! To my amazement, Brett's group of friends then joined ours, and honestly the rest is history. Before I knew it, everyone was saying goodbye to us, and Brett and I were left talking away like we had known each other for years. Honestly, its been 5 years since that day and we have been inseparable ever since.
Izzy & Brett on holiday before Brett proposedI had never dated anyone like Brett before, he instantly showed how warm and loyal he was to his friends and family, a quality that made me fall in love with him so easily. In fact everything has always been so easy between us ever since that day. Our relationship has always just felt so natural, we both know how important it is to challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves, but also understand how important it is to just be there, listen and understand.
After Christmas 2017 Brett surprised me with a trip to the Ice Hotel in Sweden for New Year. My dreams had come true - I was going to go husky sledging! To be honest I didn't even consider this could also be the perfect proposal spot! After arranging dinner in a tepee, in the middle of a snowy forest, he took me for a walk. There was no one else around, but there were ice sculptures all over the place which was pretty spectacular to see. After seeing an ice throne, I of course had to sit on it. As I did and turned around Brett was on one knee, asking if 'I would be his Queen' - 'YES!'
Izzy showing her Ring after Brett Proposed!
I know everyone says it, but our wedding day really was the best day of our lives! Set in Ahangama, Sri Lanka, we were joined by 105 UK and NZ family and friends. We picked a location in the middle of our two home countries, just that in itself was just spectacular. Seeing Brett however at the end of the aisle waiting for me still gives me butterflies. I have never felt so excited and sure of something in my life, it was such a special moment. Brett and I hired a Tuk Tuk to create a cool photo booth four our guests. During the evening while dancing was in full swing, we snuck away and sat in the Tuk Tuk watching all of our family and friends meeting each other, dancing, drinking and having a great time. That moment for us is something we will never forget... That and the memory of my Dad shirtless on Brett's friends shoulders dancing to 'Sweet Caroline'.
I honestly can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
Brett & Izzy on their Wedding Day

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