How To Take Your Own Gorgeous Bridal Flat Lays

So much goes on the day of your wedding, with so many special moments you don’t want to forget. A great way to capture these special details is through flat lays. What lipstick did you wear? What perfume was the signature scent of the day? How did it all work together as a completed look? In this blog, we have a few simple flat lays you can create by yourself or suggest to your photographer. These can be taken on the day or before the ceremony if you have the items ready. These pictures are amazing to look back on for remembering the small details of your day. They are also super instagrammable and a great way to show off the accessories you are wearing on your wedding day!
The first job is to find a suitable background. This needs to be clean and not too busy. A kitchen counter or clean, unscratched floor will work perfectly. Maybe even some fancy sheets or if you're prepared, you can buy a photographic background that fits with your theme and aesthetics.
Next, it's important to have all the items together, you wish to capture and a few extras in case a space needs filling. Now the items used will vary depending on what is with you at the time the photos and what you wish to be in your flat lay. What can be used: wedding shoes, veil/hairpieces, perfume, lipstick, engagement rings and/or wedding band, flower bouquet, centerpieces, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, bridal robes. It is completely up to you which items you would like to capture together. 
Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and to make things easier Hayze Bridal has a Pinterest board for you to take a look at to find some good options. Click the link to have a look: Bridal flat lays inspiration. 
After a background has been found and items have been collected, the next step is to make sure the items are clean. Minor touch-ups can be done, but it's easier to avoid them by cleaning your items.
Finally, grab your camera or phone and get ready to take pictures. Most flat lays are taken from a bird's eye view or a slight angle. Whichever works best for you
Once this is all together and the steps have been completed, we can now experiment with layouts and have fun taking pictures. Below are flat lays we have taken with details on what we’ve put in each picture. Enjoy taking loads of photos and experimenting with placements. Sometimes you need to take hundreds of photos to find the one perfect placement. There is no wrong way to take your photos, enjoy the process and we would love to see any flat lays you create yourself! Tag us on Instagram or DM us @Hayze.Bridal.
Here I have wedding shoes, Hayze bridal garter, hairpiece, engagement ring and wedding band, wedding perfume and the tie from a bridal robe. I have used our Hayze bridal postcard in place of a wedding invitation.
Champagne bridal flat lay with garter
This is a simpler flat lay, with my garter, hairpiece, rings, perfume and a bottle of champagne we cheekily had sips of whilst getting ready.
bridal flat lays with garter
Next, I have placed my perfume, garter, bracelet, earring, necklace, rings and hairpiece close to each other but at angles.
Bridal flat lay with wedding shoes
Here I have my wedding shoes, perfume, hairpiece, ring and garter. Playing with sizes and layers, but each item can be appreciated and seen.
Bridal Flat Lay
Trying to play with texture and get more in a shot. I added a bridal robe as a silk background and used it as a cushion for the items to lay on. This could be good if you can find a flat, clean surface to take pictures on. So the ring did not get lost, I mounted them onto the robes by twisting a piece of silk to thread through the rings. Pictured: Robe, rings, perfume, earrings, necklace, hairpiece and garter. 
Bridal flat lay
Instead of using the whole bridal robe, I used only the tie to subtly bring in the bridal robe. This image is taken from the front rather than the bird's eye. In this picture, we have bridal shoes, robe tie, garter, hairpiece and rings. 
And lastly, I have used a slightly different background and added a mirror that went well with these items. Due to the mirror, this example is great for simpler shots featuring fewer items. This is a great picture to recreate for Instagram.
Head to our Pinterest @hayze.bridal to see more examples on a board, we have put together. In addition head over to our Instagram page @hayze.bridal to view a video of how we created our flat lays. And, most importantly, enjoy taking some flat, lays on your own! 

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